Small Town,

Big Future


Local 1044 member Mike Bukta wanted to help his good friend. He ended up saving two lives.

The loggers of Northern Maine are banding together to improve their bargaining position in an industry that’s left them behind.

Many IAM Local 755 members at UTC in Chula Vista, CA are living through a growing trend in the aerospace industry—outsourcing.

Tomorrow’s Trains

Local 2741 members are building the first American-made high-speed passenger rail train cars at a facility that has been servicing the railroad industry for well over 100 years.

NASA’s mission may have changed over the past few decades, but the role Machinists Union members play in space travel has never been more important.

A group of IKEA distribution center workers in Illinois never gave up on their fight to bring IAM representation to themselves, their community and those who follow in their footsteps.

An IAM Purple Heart recipient in Washington state is on a mission to help other military veterans.

A message from International President Bob Martinez

An special message from International President Bob Martinez

Additional Multimedia

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